{{ (app.nodeAlpha * 100).toFixed(0) }}%
{{app.nodeNumberSize}}pt text
{{app.nodeNumberDistance}} pixels away
No submodels.
No faces.
If you enter the real-world measurement between any 2 nodes, the tool can calculate the distance between all the nodes & highlight in pink when a gap is too long, and requires a splice.

Select any 2 nodes on the right

Enter the real world distance between the 2 selected nodes.

{{ app.measuringNodesUnits }}.
If the distance between any 2 nodes exceeds {{ (app.measuringNodesUnits == 'mm') ? app.maxDistanceMM : app.maxDistanceIN }}{{ app.measuringNodesUnits }}. it will be highlighted in bold pink.

{{line.node1}} to {{line.node2}} = {{parseFloat(line.distance).toFixed(2)}}{{ app.measuringNodesUnits }}